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Supported Countries

We offer IBAN calculations for all countries listed below.

The reliability of our calculations depends on the availability of data (bank codes, account number validation algorithms) we have about the various countries. In this table, an overview is given for every country.

You can take out a subscription for the BIC and bank code data.

Move the mouse pointer over any country to make the map zoomable (with the mouse wheel) and draggable (left mouse button).


Orange: supported by our web service.
Dark blue: SEPA country without complete support by our web service.
Medium blue: IBAN country (not SEPA), not yet completely supported by us.
Light blue: Partial IBAN country, not yet completely supported by us.

País Validaciķn de números de cuentas? Validaciķn de cķdigos bancarios? Cķdigos BIC disponibles?
Albania no sė¹
Alemania sė¹
Austria sė¹
Bélgica sė¹
Bosnia y Herzegovina sė¹
Bulgaria no sė¹
Croacia sė¹
Dinamarca no sė¹
Emiratos Árabos Unidos no sė¹
Eslovaquia sė¹
Eslovenia sė¹
España sė¹
Estonia sė¹
Finlandia sė¹
Francia sė¹
Georgia no sė¹
Hungría sė¹
Irlanda sė³
Israel no sė¹
Italia sė³
Jordania no sė¹
Kazajistán no sė¹
Kosovo sė¹
Letonia no sė¹
Liechtenstein sė¹
Lituania no sė¹
Luxemburgo no sė¹
Malta no sė¹
Monaco sė¹
Noruega sė¹
Países Bajos no
Polonia no sė²
Portugal sė³
Reino Unido sė¹
República Checa sė¹
Rumania no sė¹
San Marino sė³
Serbia sė¹
Suecia sė¹
Suiza sė¹
Turquía no sė¹

¹ These BICs are regularly copied from an official directory (usually from the national bank). If a BIC is defined for some bank code, we will return this one unique BIC.

² These BICs are also regularly copied from an official directory. However, there are bank codes for which more than one BIC is defined. In such a case, we return all possible BIC candidates, so you might have to figure out which one is the correct one.

³ These BICs are regularly updated by combining two official directories, one with BICs and bank names, and another one with bank names and bank codes. We join these directories based on the bank names. Some occasional errors might occur as a result due to naming inconsistencies. Also, the BICs are not always unique, and you might need to determine which one out of several candidates is correct.

Whenever we return several BIC candidates, we always first return short ones (with 8 instead of 11 significant digits). Usually these shorter BICs are good candidates.

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