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Correctness Guaranteed

The IBAN calculator almost always works correctly. We can, however, not completely rule out any bug in our software. In the unlikely event that you lose money as a result of a bug in our software because a bank charges you more for a money transfer after you have given them an incorrect IBAN from this web page, we cover your financial loss up to 25 EUR.

We do this

  • if the IBAN calculator tells you that the number you entered is correct (that is, if all tests are passed, and only green check marks are shown), but still gives you an incorrect IBAN,
  • if you tell us what you entered (account number, bank code, country) and the expected correct IBAN,
  • if you provide proof of your financial loss,
  • up to 2 months after the error occurred,
  • and only once per user and software bug.
  • We do not pay if you have entered an incorrect bank code or account number to begin with (or, for Dutch accounts, if you picked the wrong bank). Also, Greek accounts are not covered by this guarantee because the pattern of Greek IBANs is too irregular.

If your financial loss is below 25 EUR, we cover it completely. Otherwise, we give you 25 EUR.


Apart from this correctness guarantee (see above), we do not guarantee anything, and using this web site is entirely at your own risk.