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What does this form prove?

Our PDF form for EU SEPA transfers can be used for sending a transfer order to the German bank of the holder of the originating bank account, in the form of a paper hard copy. In many cases, using internet banking is preferable over using a paper hard copy, but there exist people who prefer paper.

Sometimes, fraudsters try to convince their victims that a huge sum of money has been transferred to the victim by filling in a SEPA transfer form with the victim as the recipient. This form is then sent to the victim as proof of a payment, but it is never sent to a bank.

If someone sends you this form as proof of a payment, please realize that the form by itself proves nothing. It could have been signed and submitted to a bank, or this might not have happened. Anybody can produce such a transfer form and fill in fictitious data. Only a document produced by the originating bank - or, even better, cash arriving on your bank account after a day or so - should be considered as an indication that a transfer has actually happened.